Art Glass

The glass studio – traditional glassmaker´s craft.


The glass studio Valner Art Glass is situated in the town of Přibyslav within the Czech and Moravian Highlands, in the Vysočina Region, the locality with the old history of manufacture of glass.

The family company was established in the year 2004. It specialized in manufacture of hand-shaped pot-metal glass. The owner of the company Aleš Valner has taken up his long-time practice in various glass-works and has been making use of his experience with the team of fellow-workers.

His studio offers wide assortment of products intended mainly for decoration in the interiors. The studio prefers the quality to quantity. All the products are manufactured by the traditional manual process right in the glass studio in Přibyslav.

The company creates its own individual design and is constantly innovating it. Authors of the designs are: Aleš Valner, František Kouřil, Vladan Solnička and Martin Solnička. The intention of the glass studio is to continue in addressing further glass-designers.

Art Glass - Products
Vases Candlesticks Oil lamps Paperweight Others
kapka tanečnice 1 světluška 1 jablko vases & plates
bella tanečnice 2 světluška 2 ryba lilie 1
tara  ulita adéla šnek lilie 2
slza ježek 1 konvička bubliny lilie 3
laura ježek 2 kostka monika košík
sára koule gloria multicolor
anne ježek
tara 2 ježek 2
girlanda bubliny
lola 2
bubliny 2