Exclusive water

FROMIN water is 100% natural. 
There is not any adjustment. It is 15 000 years old. It is clean as the Earth in this time!

Approximately 15,000 years ago, at a time when northern Bohemia was covered with ice, water from melting glaciers began to seep underground in places that were not sealed with impenetrable layers of clay.

The water sank to depths of the earth through an ideal medium of sand pressed between plates of granite.

This process created an enormous underground lake filled with sand compressed under immense pressure, in which artesian water moves beneath a 200 m thick clay ceiling that will not permit the infiltration of anything that could possibly spoil the remarkable purity of the glacial water.

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Water analysis [mg/l]
Cations [mg/l] Anions [mg/l]
Na 2,6 Cl 3,11
K 1,15 SO4 <10,0
NH4 <0,005 NO2 <0,015
Ca 67,0 NO3 0,92
Mg 2,6 F 0,12
Mn <0,05 HCO3 210
Fe <0,02
Total mineralization: 281,0 mg/l

Water gave our planet its shape and blue colour.

Water is an essential condition for the existence of all living things; it is a condition for life and the harmony of nature.

The biological composition of the human body mirrors nature itself, and therefore the type of water we drink is also important. Without water we will die, but a mere lack of a sufficient quantity of this precious substance is enough to elicit a whole range of health problems such as headache, reduced attention, disinterest, lethargy, kidney, digestive a heart problems, as well as a decrease in mental efficiency.

The amount of blood in our body is dependant on the amount of liquids we ingest. If a deficiency of water reduces the volume of blood in our body, the supply of oxygen to our brain, heart, muscles and other organs also decreases.

Water cannot be produced.
The amount of water on our planet is still the same as it always was.

Water - reservoir
Fromin reservoir

Production process

The storage of products is an integral part of the production process; storerooms are perfect from the perspective of hygiene regulations.

The product moves along a direct production – storeroom – loading ramp axis.

The storeroom cooling technology has the same thermoregulation and insulation parameters as refrigerators, without the access of daylight.

The production facility is built immediately adjacent to the wells that produce a water of rare quality. The utilizable capacity of the source is 70 litres per second. The wells are 280 m deep.

The production hall is equipped with world-class technology certified in compliance with EU standards.

The manufacturing conditions and technological procedures respect the principles of the internationally recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Since water is an ideal solvent it is also a unique culture that can be extremely dangerous under certain conditions. Every year milions of people around the world become ill from beverages that were improperly produced, distributed and sold.

For this reason the sanitation system and disinfection procedures are under the constant inspection of accredited laboratories.