Beer - Bernard


Bernard celebration lager

Now in a new bottle with a re-sealable cap that keeps Bernard beer fresher longer even when opened. It is an exclusive beer awarded since its introduction to the market (1995) by the Czech Association of Beer Friends as the best special beer in the Czech Republic.

It is a lager enriched with yeast culture. It is a champagne-type beer, whose final fermentation takes place in the bottles. It is unique in its flavour, delicate yeast flavour and aroma. It is a source of group B vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and biocatalysts. Yeast residue is found at the bottom of the bottle, so the beer is slightly opaque during consumption.

Extract approx.12 % - alcohol 5,0 VOL   

Maturing period:

  • main fermenting 7-10 days
  • lager cellar 30 days
  • fermenting in bottles 7 days

Bulk packaging:  20 x 0,5l