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Please imagine that  you are in the Family Brewery “Bernard” in the very heart of the Czech-Moravian Highlands. In its cellars you can find altogether some 2,200,000 pints of beer fermenting and maturing there at any given moment. Slowly, as required by the traditional technology of production, at a temperature of 1-2 degrees C, it is waiting for its costumers for several weeks or even months. When its time is coming, the beer is filtered at the same temperature through a diatomaceous earth filter and it is waiting for the last step on its way before distribution-for its final treatment.

When we were to decide about the form of this step which could be the best for the beer brewed by the Family Brewery “Bernard”, we could choose from two possible options. Pasteurisation – which is a standard and also easier way – or the other option which is much more complicated but which also quarantees absolutely unique beer qualities – the method known as micro-filtration.  During pasteurisation, beer is heated to a relatively high temperature, whereby all micro-organisms present in the beer are destroyed. This drastic intervention, when the beer is violently forced to interrupt its calm after-maturation stage taking place in a lager cellar, can assure long durability, it is true, but it also adversely affects actual fragrance, taste and colour of the beer. And what is more, it has impacts on the nutrition and health values of the beer.

And these are the reasons for which our Family Brewery “Bernard” has opted for the second, original – OUR OWN WAY. Although it is more demanding, it is in any case more honest towards our costumers. At the end of the process, the beer is filtered through a special microbial filter on which all micro-organisms are trapped. We keep the beer temperature at a level of 2 degrees C during the entire process. The beer thus does not chance its fragrance, colour or taste, and it keeps all nutrition and health qualities, which means that you really get the beer, of which we were taking care in our lager cellars for so long, in its natural condition.