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Traditional growing of grapes and making of wine is for us reverence, respect, enthusiasm but also proud of our work.

 Templar Wine Cellars


A new exclusive bottle bearing the logo of Templar Wine Cellars as a glass embossment was created for this new wine range. 

Originality of this desing is even more emphasized by the label of handmade paper produced at the paper mill in Velké Losiny, Czech Republic, the original handprinted seal of the Knights Templar order and a vellum roll with history of the Templar Wine Cellars and the knight named Ekko.

The most sold wine category with wide range of varietal wines that is designated for public at large. This product range is very popular because of its high quality and reasonable price as 
well as its original design.

Pinot Gris
Wine of gold yellow colour with higher acidity which passes away with ageing. It has full, extractive and harmonic flavour with hints of orange peel scent. Because of its character it is suitable to be served with thick soups and piquant poultry meat.  

Green Sylvaner
This wine comes probably from Austria, where this variety was spontaneously cultivated from Tramín and older type of Austrian white. Goldish tones and mild spicy taste with pleasant fruit acids predetermine this wine to be a set-off for solemn occasions. Recommended combinations are with poultry specialities, fine blue cheese and substantial meals out of veal meat. 

Wine with typical bouquet of stinging nettle, european elder or acacia, which develops to wonderful peach tones by maturing. It has rich and fresh flavour with typical variety character. It is recommended to be served with poultry, grilled trout and fine cheese.

Wine of gold yellow colour with higher acidity which passes away with ageing. It has full, extractive and harmonic flavour with hints of orange peel scent. Because of its character it is suitable to be served with thick soups and piquant poultry meat.  

Irsai Oliver
Hungarian strongly aromatic variety that grapes are also grown as table grapes. The wine of golden yellow colour has expressive Muscat smell and flavour. Irsai belongs to light wines with lower acidity. While maturating in bottles, its spicy aroma and flavour is being enforced. With its characteristics, this wine is appropriate with desserts and sweet meals.

Typical red wine with high extract and full flavour with fine well-balanced tannins and hints of plum stone aroma. It is recommended to be served with spicy pork and beef meat, game and aromatic or blue cheese.

Saint Laurent
Wine of fresh fruit aroma with hints of mellow sour cherry that is later changing ito bouquet reminiscent of plum-jam or black currant. The flavour is velvet and harmonious. Thi wine is suitable with piquant pork, turkey or pheasant, also with stewed beef.

Blauer Portugieser
"Delicious red wine with rich flavour, slightly spicy with a lower acid content; elegant fruit bouquet. It is recommended to be served with pork, beef and game specialities."

Cabernet Moravia
Dark red full-bodied wine of cabernet type character with richness and depth of flavours, powerful in wide aroma of black currant in combination with sour cherries. This variety was cultivated by cross-breeding of Zweigeltrebe and Cabernet Frank. Suggested combinations are with BBQ meat, grilled specialties and mellow ripe cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon
This prestigious variety originating in French region Bordeaux was cultivated by cross-breeding of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. Harmonic wine with incommutable bouquet of black currant and blackberries and distinct extractive Cabernet tones in flavour. It is perfect with spicy game, mutton and beef meat.

Zweigeltrebe Rosé
Unobtrusive, opening up aroma of fresh blackberries is raised by fresh piquant fruit taste with clearly perceptible character which is typical for wines of rose type. This wine is ideal as a refreshment in hot summer days. Recommended combinations are with vegetable and fish salads, neutral cheeses and fruit desserts.

André Rosé
Wine of old-pink colour with twinkle of dried orange skin. We can find tones of stewed strawberries and raspberries pie. The taste is sweet with clear overripe and fullness and fresh piquant acidity at the end. We recommend it with fat fish, ripe cheese and fruit desserts.

The batch of the most quality grapes of the year 2002 has been selected as basis for this range of reserve wines. Because of their harmony and higher sugar content, these wines belong to the sought-after jewels of every wine store. The exceptionality of this range is emphasized by the exclusive bottle and the labels whiped out of special paper. These labels bear the original handprinted seals of the Knight Templar order.

Pinot Gris 2006
Harmonious full-bodied wine with typical bread flavour and aroma, remarkable fresh acidity and pleasant fruit finish. Good with poultry, fish and cheese of Emental type.

Sauvignon 2006
"Nowadays very trendy French variety; the wine has characteristic light yellow green colour and typical aroma with hints of stinging nettle or peaches. The flavour is rich and fresh with typical variety character. It is perfect with vegetable salads, poultry, grilled trout, cheese or even with dried fruit."

Traminer 2006
Very intensive aromatic wine with golden yellow colour and spicy flavour of sweet root reminescent of licorice. Usually it distinguish itself by lower acidity. With its character it reminds of southern heavy wines, good vintages allow it to age. Ideal with fruit salads, white meat, poultry paste and mellow cheese.

Chardonnay 2006
Light yellow wine with fruit flavour and higher content of fine piquant acids. It has mid-strong aroma with hints of bread grain and hazelnuts. This variety originally comes from France. Recommended combinations are with root vegetables, pasta salads, liver paste, poultry meat or smooth cheeses.

Blauer Portugieser 2006
Elegant wine of light red almost brick-red colour and delicate flavour with lower acidity. Rich flavour is slightly spicy on the palate, odour passes into gentle fruity tones. Nowadays this is one of the most popular red wines, most-favoured by ladies. We recommend serving it with poultry, pork specialities and cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Dark red wine or full harmonic flavour with black currant elements. This variety has typical cabernet bouquet and unchangeable taste. The wine is good with grilled and smoked specialties, piquant pork and beef meat and mellow blue cheeses as well.

The best quality parts of predicated wines of vintages 2007 and 2008 in category late harvest were processed with help of the most modern technology and then under the care of our experienced enologs bottled and stored in the dark corridors of Templar Cellars. Predicated wine are destined for exceptionally and festive occasions. The exclusivity of this range is emphasized by the untraditional bottle and the labels whiped out of special paper. These labels bear the original handprinted seals of the Knight Templar order.

Traminer 2008 - late harvest
This deep yellow, golden wine gives off tempting aromas of vanilla fudge and rose blossoms. It has an elegant fruity mouth with a pronounced spiciness and a hint of honey. Serve with cheesecake, apple strudel, or chicken steak baked with smoked cheese.

Chardonnay 2008 - late harvest
A light golden wine with hints of green. Ripe bananas and melon dominate the nose, with a subtle touch of pineapple. A sweet mouth of tropical fruits gives way to notes of roast hazelnut. Serve with fruit salads or chicken steak with peach.

Pinot Gris 2008 - late harvest
A light golden coloured wine with a greenish tinge. The nose is expressive and lingering with notes of ripe tropical fruit and pear juice. The mouth is wonderfully full with hints of fresh bread and a delicate acidity. Serve with pork chops, roast carp or soft cheese.

Pinot Noir 2008 - late harvest
A medium garnet-red wine with tints of dried orange rind. The nose weds notes of prunes and jam with cherry stones. The mouth is deliciously delicate and smooth with structured tannins. Serve with barbecued lamb and Dutch Pecorino cheese.

Blaufränkisch 2008 - late harvest
A wine of cheery to mahogany colour. A full multi-layered nose dominated by ripe cherry stones. It has a spicy mouth reminiscent of blueberries or forest fruit together with gingerbread and chocolate. Servce with pork dishes, home-made pâté and semi-hard cheeses.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 - late harvest
A deep blood-coloured dry wine with purple-brown shades. The nose gives off a range of fruity tones. Dried fruits, blackberries and blackcurrants are particularly distinct. The nose finishes with the aromas of coffee and dark chocolate. The mouth is deep, slightly spicy with a pronounced fruitiness. Serve with mild brie-type cheeses and game.

Pinot noir claret 2008 - late harvest
A fleshy-coloured wine which shades towards onion-skin. It has an attractive nose of dried fruits and forest-fruit tea with a delicate creamy note. Its mouth weds freshness with expressions of sweet strawberry compôte. Serve with grilled fish or pasta with salmon.

Exclusive limited series of barrique wines matured for eight months in special burned casks with the volume of 225 litres. These wines have a typical ”barrique” touch, they are harmonious with soft vanilla tones. The exclusivity of this range is emphasized by the untraditional bottle and the labels whiped out of special paper. These labels bear the original handprinted seals of the Knight Templar order. The range of barrique wines will surely enrich every private wine store and also thanks to their unusual design, these wines are suitable for a gift.

Chardonnay 2006 - barrique
Wine with deep yellow colour accentuated by maturation in barrique barrels. It has strong aroma and flavour of vanilla and exotic fruits with elegant oak tones and gentle piquant acids in the finish. Full and spicy wine. We recommend serving it with pasta salads, pork meat or smoked fish.

Blauer Portugieser 2006 - barrique
An inspiring wine that will make you excited by its fine fruit aroma and gentle flavour. Velvet delicacy with convincing harmony of tannins is well ballanced with oak aroma and flavour. We recommend serving it with vegetable salads, baked goose, smoked fish and cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 - barrique
This barrique wine made out of the variety Cabernet Sauvignon is an unusual experience of an accomplished harmony of bouquet and flavour with hints of oak aroma accompanied by typical Cabernet tannins and tones of black currant. Dark ruby red colour. We recommend serving it with root vegetables, smoked meat and cheese, pork specialities.

Cabernet Moravia 2006 - barrique
Garnet red wine that obtained full and extractive flavour with vanilla tones and mild oak tannins by maturation in barrique barrels. A pleasant scent of blackberries and blac kcurrant stands out in the aroma. We recommend serving it with grilled meat, venison and blue cheeses.

Sparkling wines Sang Real are reserved for the real connoisseurs of sparkling wines. These wines are produced in limited series and from complexly integrated parts and by „classical method“ of bottle fermentation process. The fermentation therefore happens inside the bottle for a time period of at least 12 months, in the Template wine cellars. This wine production line includes Sang Real BRUT and Sang Real DEMI SEC. Both wines have artistically thorn labels made from special paper and with original seal of the Teplate clan. Products fall under the Komtur Ekko line, which is produced exclusively for wine shops and high-class restaurants.

Sang Real Sekt Brut 2006
Wine dedicated to the last great master of the Template clan Jacques de Molay (he ruled the clan between 1293 – 1314). He was burnt to death after being sentenced by Court process initiated by Filipe IV. The Beautifull and pope Kliment V. Wine contents: 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Blanc. Wine of light green colour with a long-lasting sparkle. The taste is dominated by a hint of overripe fruits and hazel nuts. It is refreshing with slight green apple flavour residue. We can taste distinct and dominant young flavour of Chardonnay, topped with solid acid flavours of Rulandské white wine.

Sang Real Sekt Demi 2006
Wine dedicated to the great master of the Template clan Theobald de Gaudin (1291 – 1293). Wine contents: 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Blanc. Sparkling wine of light yellow colour with intensive but fine sparkling effect. Semi-sweet taste aroma with taste of overripe yellow fruits enhanced with sugar sweets aroma. Taste is sweet with long lasting residue that is created by overripe Chardonay vine and finished with refreshing acid flavours of Pinot Blanc.